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Some key topics I can speak about:

  • non-monogamy [with a focus on polyamory]
  • sexual shame and stigma
  • community organizing
  • nonprofit management
  • end-of-life care and hospice
  • the intersection of aging and sexuality, esp. with dementia
  • kink and BDSM
  • sexual health concepts and safer sex
  • building healthy relationships
  • domestic violence and sexual assault
  • youth sexuality education
  • use of technology and social media for activism
  • HIV/AIDS and testing
  • LGBT health
  • trauma and recovery
  • anti-racist work and diversity issues
  • sexual pleasure

Media Outlets and Press Attention

Here’s a listing of the media in which I’ve been interviewed, included, quoted, and all that good stuff for the past few years.

Text (In Print and Online)

Visuals (TV and Online Video)

Audio (Radio & Podcasts)

  • 07/27/16 — Friendly chat for “Sex With My Friends: Aida” episode of the Sexually Liberated Woman podcast with Ev’Yan Whitney discussing identity development, religion, queerness, and a myriad other things including polymorphous perversity and erotic muses.
  • 07/27/16 — Spoken excerpt from this post for the Sex for Smart People podcast episode titled “A Collection of Queer Love Notes, Post Pulse.”
  • 05/03/16 — Segment on Jaclyn Friedman’s Unscrewed Spare Parts: Sex Buckets answering a listener’s question about mismatched libidos, asexuality, and open relationships.
  • 02/24/16 — Interview for Sex Nerd Sandra’s podcast Episode #205: Sex and Racial Justice, with Anaín Bjorkquist and Cindy Lee Alves. We explore the connection between racism and sexuality, including objectification, microaggressions, the importance of learning our histories, “White guilt,” and swinging.
  • 02/23/16 — Segment on Jaclyn Friedman’s Unscrewed Quickiesode Episode 2: Frogs On Every Level discussing love languages and what Hogwarts houses have to tell us about dating compatibility and communication.
  • 02/16/16 — Interview for Jaclyn Friedman’s Unscrewed Podcast Episode 2: (Don’t) Burn It To The Ground tackling problematic favs, David Bowie, accountability, and radical love.
  • 02/03/16 — Interview for Briefs episode titled “Heroes, Monsters, and David Bowie” on Sex for Smart People. Discussed radical love, restorative/transformative justice, and the community response to David Bowie’s death as well as my viral article on the aftermath.
  • 12/02/15 — Cited as a source on Stuff Your Mom Never Told You’s episode titled Lube 101 by Caroline and Cristen.
  • 10/23/15 — Interview on Sex Out Loud with Anaín Bjorkquist and Cindy Lee Alves, hosted by Tristan Taormino. Recorded at CatalystCon West, we talked about respectability politics, advancing racial justice in sexuality education, the founding of WOCSHN, and more.
  • 08/27/15 — Interview on The OutCast Podcast. Discussed a lot about my life, including my coming out process, entering the world of polyamory, and how Harry Potter slash changed my life.
  • 08/21/15 — Guest on Intimate Chats with The Lovebirds on radio 1340 WTAN [video; list of show archives]. Discussed non-monogamy and polyamory while busting misconceptions and giving tips to those considering these relationships structures.
  • 06/02/15 — Guest on Episode 60 of the Yes Means Yes Podcast with Jaclyn Friedman. Discussed racism in the sexuality field, community, dad-bods, self-care, male tears, and more.
  • 05/18/15 — Guest on Raw Sex for BlogTalkRadio. Discussed Fifty Shades of Grey [both book and film], the BDSM/kink scene, and issues of racism and classism in this subculture.
  • 02/23/15 — Interview on Sex, Love, Joy podcast. Discussed my upbringing in Puerto Rico, community building through digital spaces, anti-racist work, and when to say yes as well as when to say no.
  • 12/22/14 — Guest on Carnalcopia Podcast: 015. Discussed social justice, my path in the sexuality field, racism, and more.
  • 12/03/14 — Guest on TWIB After Dark #50: Whitewashing the Sex Field. Discussed state violence and police brutality as an issue of  reproductive and racial justice, racism in the field of sexuality, female ejaculation, new British laws about pornography censorship, and more.
  • 07/02/14 — Guest on Inside the Industry for LA Talk Radio. Discussed the role of The CSPH and a derisive podcast that demeaned an article about sexuality in older adults in which The CSPH was quoted.
  • 12/15/13Interview on Just Guy Talk Radio onlineDiscussed the concept of body positivity, self-esteem, sexuality education for adults, and more.
  • 11/15/13 — Guest on Raw Sex RI for 990WBOB and onlineDiscussed the origins of The CSPH and adult sexuality education.
  • 09/14/13 — Interview on She Shines Radio for WOON 1240 AMDiscussed sexual education as well as preventing dating violence and LGBT partner abuse.
  • 05/29/13 — Interview on Nuestra Salud for Latino Public Radio 1290 AMShared resources and presented on intersection of sexual health and domestic violence.
  • 04/20/12Interview on The Laura Ingraham ShowDebated in favor of the existence of Sex Weeks and sex education on college campuses.