Got Feelings About Non-Monogamy? Time To Share!

Update: Since this event passed, you can find the archive of the Tweets and conversation here. The chat was on FIRE, and the amount of responses definitely gave us all a finger workout.


Non-monogamy can be a tricky beast, and I want you to tell me what you think about it. Join me at 3 PM EST on Twitter next week when I’ll be guest moderator for #SexTalkTuesday and the topic is (you guessed it): navigating consensual non-monogamy!

NOTE: We are not just talking about polyamory. This is about the broad umbrella of consensual non-monogamy, so if you’re monogamish, have a steady boo but also a cadre of play partners, are curious about having more than one sexy-friend in general, identify as asexual but have multiple romantic sweeties, the list goes on, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.

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I believe in the deeply transformative and revolutionary power of both sex and technology, so doing things like this? That mix both to create dialogue and spread knowledge? You can always count me in, and I hope I can count you in too. You can stay for as long or as little of the conversation as you want, and you can check out the archived tweets after the event as well.

The Scoop on This Non-MonogamY Chat:

  • Date: Tuesday, September 22nd
  • Time: 3 PM Eastern,  2 PM Central, 1 PM Mountain, 12 PM Pacific
  • Topic: Navigating [Consensual] Non-Monogamy
  • Participating: Log onto Twitter at the times indicated above and respond to the questions as I post them live, one by one. Make sure you include “#SexTalkTuesday” on your tweet so it’s part of our discussion! You can follow me at @neuronbomb.
  • Witnessing: Don’t want to chat? Don’t have a Twitter account and staunchly refuse to make one? You can still follow along by watching the hashtag in real time here.
  • Sharing: If you want to tell others about it, you can share this post [use the link] and/or share the following banner on social media:

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Questions About Non-Monogamy We’ll Be Discussing:

  •  Q1 What are the biggest misconceptions people have about consensual non-monogamy? Tell us your pet-peeves! #sextalktuesday
  •  Q2 What are some of the best and worst “rules” you’ve heard about when negotiating consensual non-monogamy? #sextalktuesday
  •  Q3 What class and money-related issues come up in non-monogamous arrangements? How do you navigate them? #sextalktuesday
  •  Q4 While non-monogamy can be tough, it can also be amazing. What are some of your happy non-mono stories? Time to brag! #sextalktuesday
  • Q5 What advice would you give your past self about exploring consensual non-monogamy? What would you tell your future self? #sextalktuesday

Header image is an oil on canvas painting by Joy Garnett. Image has not been modified, save for cropping due to header size, and is used here under a Creative Commons License.

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