What Happened in 2012?

If you know me in any capacity, you know that while I’m not a mathematician, I’m a huge fan of data and numbers. I like my work, in as much as possible/necessary, to be data-informed…and the idea of spreadsheets, progress reports, and info compilation (while at times tedious) gets me excited. I’m also a huge fan of calendars and productivity apps, so I organize my time with almost religious zeal on things like BusyCal.

Thus, it must come as no surprise that I usually try to do “retrospective” posts every year in some way, to prepare for my New Year’s Resolutions and to figure out the bigger picture of the work I’ve done…so here we go!

The first bit of this year, I finished up working at the senior center doing digital literacy instruction. I kept working with The CSPH and Sojourner House, and remained involved with things like ONARIASLSHEEC, and a bunch of coalitions. At the end of the year, I was brought on as an off-site sex educator for Good Vibrations and as one of the folks who will be doing work with Partners in Sex Ed in 2013.

So what are some of the numerical breakdowns of my constant running around?

  • 20 conferences/summits (some of which I presented at)
  • 4 organizational retreats
  • 3 concerts
  • 9 states/territories/districts (New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, California, Massachusetts, Maryland, D.C., Puerto Rico, and Louisiana)

Teaching-wise, what does that look like for 2012?

  • 3 four-session educational groups–one at an adult learning facility and two at a mental health and substance abuse center. (I also did drop-in presentations about sexual health at ongoing support groups for domestic violence issues, including one specifically centered on Native American women).
  • 34 presentations with a total around 885 faces at them (not counting the aforementioned groups or my work with digital literacy, though, because I didn’t want to be bothered to pull those numbers).

I spoke at high-schools about sexuality, orientation, safer sex, healthy relationships, and dating. I went to a senior citizen housing complex to talk about sexual health and relationships. I spoke at universities about sex toys + technology, anal pleasure, and eco-sexuality + green sex toys. I spoke to professionals at other organizations/conferences about domestic violence issues and taught them how to acknowledge and incorporate pleasure into their work, how to reduce sexual stigma, and how to make the connection between prevention of HIV and domestic violence.

Finally, aside from formal conferences/summits, I testified at the statehouse on reproductive health bills, spoke on a panel at Libertalia about uniting the feminist and queer liberation struggles, co-coordinated an event for community dialogue on racism/art (that brought in like 75 people!), and spoke at an Occupy Sexism rally on gender/activism issues. I can’t even begin to count how many trainings/educational events I attended, or how many events I participated in and/or tabled at…

Some firsts/other awesome things?

  • Got certified as a qualified HIV test counselor in the state of Rhode Island
  • Bought an iPad
  • Was appointed co-chair of Healthy Youth RI
  • Got frisky with a Loki cosplayer at a conference
  • Did my first teleclass about Sex Week with Reid, Megan, and Courtney
  • Was interviewed on the radio on the Laura Ingraham show so I could debate the merits of Sex Weeks on college campuses
  • Visited the Museum of Sex in New York
  • Made Hulk-inspired pasties at The CSPH
  • Got quoted in The New York Times talking about Sex Week
  • Went river-tubing with friends on the Farmington River in CT near a place called Satan’s Kingdom Recreation Area
  • Wrote a pamphlet on the connection between sexual health and domestic violence
  • Ran a wellness fair for National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
  • Coordinated a contest for high-schoolers to get their communities talking about dating violence and relationships
  • Was interviewed on Huffington Post Live to talk about polyamory (also on the show: the guy from Modern Poly, Ian, Reid, and Allison Moon)
  • Went to Wakefield, stayed at a waterfront cabin with friends/partners, and visited the AWESOME Crazy Burger in South County
  • Consumed EVERY episode I could find of Glee, Mad Men, and Once Upon a Time.
  • Got trained on the super secret Wyman TOP curriculum

And even with all that, I also managed to spend time with many loved ones, watch a ton of movies, and get some semblance of sleep. I wonder what 2013 will bring!

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